Amplification for Experienced School Leaders


Amplification for Experienced School Leaders

is a virtual four-session program that spans the year. Participants will be experienced school leaders who have the opportunity to explore Generative Leadership Theory, and who will be exposed to innovative practices for collaborative growth. This series is intended for experienced school leaders who are looking to develop their leadership through connections with colleagues who share their work in different countries.

The program has been designed by the Global Network of Professional Learning Leaders (GNPLL), and participants will become part of an international network.

Our Session Dates:

  • October 13 and November 24 2022
  • February 16 and March 8 2023

Cost: $550 (plus GST)

Program Objectives

  • Connect with leaders internationally
  • Reconnect with why you became a school leader Explore system complexity and adaptivity
  • Understand the conditions that support emergent innovations Examine assumptions about organizations, leadership, and change
  • Review recent research on the effects of positive energy in organizations Develop one’s appreciative self for effective teamwork and leadership

Program Delivery

Three hours of program time on each of four dates, with networking follow-ups Facilitation by GNPLL experts, and immersion in peer support groups
Key session addresses by Gervase Bushe


Gervase Bushe

is the Professor of Leadership and Organization Development at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, Gervase’s career spans over four decades of transforming organizational structures, culture and processes away from command and control toward more collaborative work systems. He is an award- winning author of over 100 papers and three books on organizational change, leadership.