What is the Principal’s Help Desk?

PHD Login

The NSWPPA by arrangement with ImproMation is pleased to introduce a suite of new online services free for NSW Primary Principals.

The PHD login page is the gateway to the new PPA Online Services, some commonly used websites and some useful services provided by ImproMation. With just one password you can now access a range of helpful websites designed to assist school leaders through:

  • sharing useful resources
  • participating in professional discussion on current topics
  • contributingto a bank of knowledge that is available 24/7
  • having at your fingertips links to information you need to find quickly.
Click here to go to the PHD Login

Principal’s Help Desk

Once you have logged in, a set of available websites is displayed. You just need to click on the website you want and be taken there immediately. If the website is password protected, you will be logged in automatically – no need for passwords once you are in the Principal’s Help Desk! The set of websites displayed includes:

  • PPA Online Services Suite: Principals’ Exchange (PEx) SHAREiT WEB Directory
  • Useful sites: PPA Website DET Website Your School Website
  • ImproMation sites you have subscribed to.


SHAREiT is an online document sharing website where principals can find useful and timesaving resources and contribute resources for the benefit of other principals. SHAREiT has been designed to be self-managing so any document you contribute can also be removed by you if you change your mind.

PPA Web Directory

Have you ever wasted valuable time trying to find information you need on the WWW? On the PPA Web Directory there is an alphabetised list of links to hard to find information on the DET website, BOS website or any other website. You can search by keyword and find all links that match what you are looking for. All links are contributed by NSW principals so when you finally find that elusive nugget you were looking for – make sure you add it to the PPA Web Directory!


These online resources are provided free to NSW schools by financial support from the NSW PPA and through sponsorship by Business Partners. Discrete sponsorship advertisements will be displayed on the websites with the aims of:

  • promoting worthwhile products and services from our Business Partners
  • providing ‘specials’ that represent real value for schools
  • providing a Business Partner directory where schools can easily find contact details

All sponsor advertisements are ‘clickable’ and will take you to the sponsors website for more information on their products and services. The number of ‘clicks’ an advertisement receives are reported to the Business Partner as this is their measure of the success of their advertising. Principals are encouraged to visit our Business Partner websites to show your appreciation of their sponsorship and to see what they have to offer. All Business Partners are approved by the NSW PPA. Prospective Business Partners should contact Mark Pritchard by email for an information package.